Installing Navpress Wordsearch 5 on Windows 7 and possibly later versions

The following is a bit unusual for Observations because it is an “How To” rather than observations viewed through God’s Word.

If you, like us, like to use a computer based Bible for studying – you may be familiar with WordPress (previously called Navpress). While the software includes a lot of unhelpful books (commentaries, Nicene doctrinal, etc.), the Bible side is clean… Or at least this was true for the old Navpress Wordsearch 5.

After upgrading computers to newer windows operating systems we found the old version would not function. We did end up purchasing a new version and were not exactly thrilled over the clutter.

So after some testing and working with the old version 5, we found a method to get it running. Basically you have to perform some of the installation manually.

So below is a step-by-step on getting the older Navpress Wordsearch 5 up and running on Windows 7 (and possibly later versions as well). We hope it is of help.

The following steps do not circumvent any software protection – so you must have an actual copy of the software and the ability to unlock the books you purchased (this is normally a floppy you made back when you installed the software originally).

These steps only allow you to get your software up and running again on Windows 7 (possibly later versions as well), I hope.

First run the installation software like usual. Remember to unlock any books first with your restore disk.

Now if you run the Wordsearch app it will error with a message something like ‘missing ili32.dll file” –

or you may see iliuni32.dll as the missing file. Most likely both will be missing along with a few other files.

Open your Navpress Wordsearch 5 CD

Navigate to the NavPress folder (d:\NavPress) [if “d” is your CD drive]

You should find a file called stepLang.exe

This is an installation file for the Step Languages which Navpress Wordsearch needs to run. It also contains the ili files.

But if you attempt to run this file you will get an windows error message stating it is not compatible with windows and can not be run.

This it turns out is a WISE installer app of some kind.

Google ‘Universal Extractor’ or (if the site still is there you can download it directly from

Install this app. It is easier if you let it make Explorer menus for you (an option during install).

Once this is done copy the StepLang.exe to your desktop.

Right click on it and click the ‘UniExtract Files…’ menu item.

This will bring up the Universal Extractor app already filled out to extract the contents of the StepLang.exe file.

Click the OK button.

For version 1.6.1 you will probably be told that the file (StepLang.exe) is a WISE Installer and extraction is not always
100% reliable. It will present a list of possible extracting options. It seems to work fine with the ‘E_Wise Unpacker’ option.

Click the OK button and it should extract the file’s contents into a folder called StepLang (unless you enter different folder name).

Navigate to this folder.

Inside you will find four folders:





Open the FontDir folder and copy all the font files. Paste these into your Windows Font folder – usually found in C:\Windows\Fonts
(C being the hard drive that windows is installed on – yours may be different. I will continue to refer to the drive letter as C, substitute your drive letter is needed.

Back in the StepLang folder enter the LangDir and copy these files. Got to your windows folder (usually C:\Windows) and create a folder named Language. Paste these files into it.

Back into the StepLang folder. Enter the System folder and copy these files. Paste them into your windows system folder (usually C:\Windows\System).

The last folder in StepLang is the Temp folder and only contains a text file about a problem some users were having back then. There is nothing to do with it.

Now you should be able to run your Navpress Wordsearch 5 Bible software.

* * * Important: Creating folders in Windows and copy and paste into windows and some other folders will only be allowed if you are logged in as Administrator (usually this is the user that was originally setup when windows was installed). You probably will not have to worry about this but if Windows will not let you copy or paste, or make folders because your are not an administrator, then you will need to log in as such or have whoever is the administrator log in and perform these steps.

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4 comments for “Installing Navpress Wordsearch 5 on Windows 7 and possibly later versions

  1. Bruce Fraser
    February 16, 2020 at 2:04 am

    Wow! This is fantastic!
    I was a beta-tester for the new WordSearch versions 7 and 8, after the software was merged with Bible Explorer. In my opinion, the merger lost many of the best features of WordSearch 5. I am delighted to be able to again use WordSearch 5 on Windows 10. Thank-you!

    • LOTTparksAdmin
      February 16, 2020 at 2:36 pm

      Yes, I agree. We had been using the WordSearch 7 because of its clean layout that let you simply study and navigate the Bible. The newer versions (in our opinion) really muddled this up.

      Thank you for the feedback… happy it helped.
      Feel free to take a look at some of the studies on our main site (

  2. Bruce Fraser
    February 16, 2020 at 3:16 am

    Having installed WordSearch 5 following these instructions, you will find that the Help doesn’t work in Windows 7, 8, 10.
    Here’s an excellent help to solve that easily and quickly:

    • LOTTparksAdmin
      February 16, 2020 at 2:38 pm

      True. The menu Help in almost all older software will not automatically load in the newer versions of Windows.
      You can either follow the link or install an old version of help viewer.

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